Guatemala August Shipment already arrived!

Sep - Loading Guatemala shipmentTransitions Foundation of Guatemala, an organization committed to serving the disabled, is the recipient of our latest 40’ container shipment that went out August 4th. Besides our usual medical equipment, this shipment included 30,000 pairs of reading glasses from Restoring Vision. Just imagine how many lives will be improved by being able to read again!

Sep - Shipment in yardPoverty in Guatemala is extreme and most Guatemalans have no access to healthcare. This makes life especially difficult for the disabled. Transitions Foundation provides prosthetic limbs, adaptive equipment, and vocational training. Clients also learn leadership skills and are encouraged in their spiritual development.

We just received word that the shipment has already arrived (they usually take several months) and they promise pictures soon. Co-Founder John Bell said, “Lives will be saved by these donations.”

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