Story of a poor Mexican Widow

Sep - Detra Avila
Pastor Frank and Detra Avila on right

Pastor Frank and Detra Avila are ministers with Wings of the Eagle, a non-profit organization that exists to help alleviate suffering of the underprivileged in Mexico and other Latin American nations by bringing healing through health care and education. 

This is part of an email we received from Detra Avila about a neglected Mexican widow living in squalid conditions.

There is this poor old widow woman (90’s?) who lives with her daughter and the daughter abuses her terribly, never feeds her, and leaves her alone all day. I think all she eats is our oatmeal and milk, as she has one tooth. She has horrible bedsores, lice, scabies and hasn’t had a bath in years. So, praise Yahweh, Juanita told me about her and asked if I would help her with supplies and treating the widow. HOH/Debbie had sent ALL kinds of dressing just for that purpose, which I thought we’d never use. Ha! God knew. This widow needed one or two of almost EVERYTHING we have! But more than that she needed care. Juanita  and I went in to this little dirt floor shack and the smell of rotting flesh was UNBEARABLE; I really almost threw up, but Juanita is kind of pushy and was behind me plus the compassion overwhelmed me and we went to work giving her a sponge bath, fed her some soup and dealt with the pressure sores. She will need continual care. Thank you to Hands of Hope. They really made a huge difference and will continue to in this widow’s life.

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