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Touching Lives in the Philippines

Meet Shantal

Shantal was born with a very rare birth defect, hypoglossia and micrognathia, meaning she had an underdeveloped tongue and needed special feeding. Just days after she was born, a medical shipment arrived from Hands of Hope Northwest containing feeding tubes. Staff at Shalom Christian Birthing Home were able to put the tubes down Shantal's nose into her stomach to keep her alive.

Growing up in poverty, children face many challenges, but we were able to help change the world for Shantal and her family - join us in supporting families just like them!

Impact in Moldova

Dmitry's Story

Mark wrote to us about a patient he was able to help because of our recent shipment to Moldova:

“I was approached by a local family asking for help. Their son by the name of Dmitry, aged 27, was severely beaten up... dragged to a garbage pile, covered by litter and left to die. By sheer accident, he was found the next morning by a passerby. Unconscious, he was taken to a local hospital. Though they saved his life, the doctors could not bring him back to his feet. Dmitry was totally immobilized. The family had no funds to buy what he needed: a [hospital] bed, wheelchair, etc. and they approached me. At least in the comfort of these medical means he can function and relieve the family of hardships to look after him. The family was saying we helped them in a way nobody had helped before. Thank you for your part in that.”

This specialized wheelchair was in the shipment we sent. Please pray for Dmitry and his family.

Worldwide Testimonials

Impact Locally and Abroad


Dr. Stephen Schmid, M.D.

Nigerian Hospital Shipment

“Dr. Acho from Living Hope Christian Ministries and I want to thank you and all your folks at Hands of Hope again for this second truckload of medical equipment which is being sent to the new hospital in rural Nigeria. As you know, this equipment will be used to treat the very poorest of the poor in Nigeria. Your help has been instrumental in equipping the new hospital. We could never have accomplished all this without your help. Let all the other people there at Hands of Hope know how much we appreciate them."

Lindsay can walk!

Carol C.

Local Loan Customer

"My niece, Shelly, and her husband Paul have now adopted Lindsey who is now walking fully on her own! Lindsey has a genetic disorder called Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome which is characterized by developmental delays, both physically and mentally. She has progressed well in the care of her new parents. She had never walked before she started using the mini-walker loaned by Hands of Hope! It was one of the first big milestones in her physical development. Hands of Hope also loaned them a pediatric wheelchair for her to be able to attend school before she could walk. Her parents are grateful for the help provided to them in Lindsey's care at a critical time in her life.”


Alexander Galvez

Asociación Transiciones de Personas Discapacitadas de la Antigua Guatemala

"Praise Jesus, I was in a rural area in the last three days delivering wheelchairs. It was an amazing experience, met new souls and touch people that I think needs our help. I know that with you support of this shipment with mobility aid we will be able to get to those in most need. Muchas gracias for your big help. I can not thank you enough, God will bless you even more for what you do for all of us. Enjoy pictures of our recent trip to Nebaj, an ethnic group Ixil from northern Guatemala, Mexico and Aguacatan, the majority of the population is indigenous (Aguacatecos, Ahalchitecos, Quiches, Mames and Kanjobales)."

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Miracles in Haiti

Ja's Story

Ja lives in Haiti, and spent the first part of his life scooting along the floor on his bottom, his legs always dirty, because he couldn't walk. One day, Ja's dream of being able to walk finally became a reality when he received a Walker from a Hands of Hope Northwest shipment. Ja is thrilled that he is now able to get around with his friends.

Fire Missions delivered this walker to Ja on behalf of Hands of Hope Northwest so Ja could live his dream.

Ukrainian American Operation Humanity reports on Hands of Hope Northwest shipment

Helping the Disabled

"The deputy of the Augustow village council contacted our organization with a long list of disabled people residing in his region. Most of the applications with simple requests for medical supplies and equipment had remained unfulfilled for years. We have been busy spreading your kindness far and wide throughout the most vulnerable people of Ukraine. Happy faces shared their stories when we went door-to-door delivering wheelchairs and crutches.

One such patient named Vitaliy, a young Ukrainian man, has been disabled all his life. We were happy to finally be able to help Vitaliy, who has been waiting in line to receive a wheelchair for three years. He hasn't been able to do simple functions like go outside or move throughout his house without assistance until now. We enjoyed getting to visit with him, as he is very smart and sociable."

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