International Medical Aid


Ukraine Medical Airlift
Loading a shipment to Ukraine

Does your foreign organization or clinic need medical supplies?

Hands of Hope Northwest has been shipping containers around the globe since 1992. We collect, pack, and ship quality medical equipment and supplies to countries where access to health care is limited. We regularly ship 40-foot containers overseas, and occasionally send smaller shipments. Watch the videos below to learn more about us.

To partner with us and apply for a medical equipment donation for your overseas medical facility, please download an application, read the terms, complete and mail the form, or email it to

An Overview

Watch a Shipment Unfold

Unloading a Shipment

A Shipment Story

Countries Equipped

Hands of Hope Northwest is proud to have sent over 282 small and large shipments of critical medical items and equipment to these countries and more. Scroll over a highlighted country to see how many shipments have been sent there.