YWAM Ships partial Shipment

YWAM Ships Kona
YWAM Ships Kona

Several months ago we told you about a new relationship with Youth with a Mission Ships. Our first partial shipment for the medical ships went out in August and was worth $25,546. These supplies will be sent to Papua New Guinea to be used in very remote areas only accessible by boat. We are already working on putting together a second delivery for them. We were able to include thousands of  eye glasses that were donated by Restoring Vision, a ministry that collects reading and sun glasses.

Here is part of the thank you note from YWAM:

I was really impressed by the quality of the products we received from Hands of Hope and with the professional way that your itemization was done. Jon and I went through a lot of reading glasses/sunglasses and medical supplies thinking about how much they will add to our outreaches in Papua New Guinea and the Marshall Islands later this year. You guys are making a difference.” Bill Donner

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