February Director’s Note

As many of you know, I tested positive for the COVID virus. The first few days were a little rough but I started feeling better quickly. Now I’m working through fatigue. Sleeping 12-16 hours is not normal for me. Hopefully this phase will show improvement soon. Several of the staff and volunteers also contracted the virus. All are doing well and are back to work. Continue to pray for HoHNW as we work through all of this.

Looking forward, we have several shipments in the works. Guatemala and Syria will go first, then Kenya. With the area hospitals doing surgeries again, our local loan program has been very busy. We are very grateful for our front desk volunteers and all the work they do to help people in the Valley. October will mark our 25th year anniversary. We will be announcing our celebration plans soon. Stay tuned!

Check out our Facebook page for more information on what’s going on.

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Todd Durbin

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