Local Equipment Loan – Walking for the first time!

HoHNW volunteer, Carol Coose, sent us this touching story.

“Here’s Lindsey beginning to use the tiny walker HoH loaned to my niece, Shelly, when she first became the caregiver for her granddaughter in 2018. My niece, Shelly Vickery, and her husband Paul have now adopted Lindsey who is now walking fully on her own!

Lindsey has a genetic disorder called Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome which is characterized by developmental delays, both physically and mentally. She has progressed well in the care of her new parents. She had never walked before she started using the mini-walker loaned to them by HoH! It was one of the first big milestones in her physical development. HoH also loaned them a pediatric wheelchair for her to be able to attend school before she could walk. Her parents are grateful for the help provided to them in Lindsey’s care at a critical time in her life.”


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