Barnabas Project Ukraine Shipment

Apr - Ukraine shipment teamSince 2014, Eastern Ukraine has been torn apart from an armed conflict by pro-Russian separatists, complicated by Russian involvement. The fall-out effects have severely impacted the local people,  many of whom have fled to Western Ukraine. The conflict has had a crippling effect on vital resources in parts of eastern Ukraine. The city of Kramatorsk (still governed by the Ukrainian government) in the northern area of divided Donetsk region, will be the recipient of our April shipment. Through a partnership with the Church of Christ and their Ukraine Barnabas Project, we were able to assemble a full shipment to send to a medical facility in Kramatorsk—with its 70% ethnic Ukrainian/27% ethnic Russian population.

FullSizeRender_1_111 volunteers loaded a 40’ container full of medical equipment, such as gurneys, beds, and wheelchairs, along with dozens of boxes of medical supplies. Two Fred Meyer volunteers came to help out. Please pray that this shipment reaches its destination safely, and that it provides medical assistance to the people of this troubled nation that badly needs a peaceful solution.


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