Jungle Medic Heroes

Apr - Dr. Chuck WashingtonFullSizeRender_1In Eastern Myanmar, 1 in 7 children die before reaching their 5th birthday. The Karen are one of the largest of 133 ethnic groups in Myanmar, where ethnic persecution has devastated families and villages for decades. St Luke’s ER surgeon, Dr. Chuck Washington, recently went on his annual medical trip to northern Thailand to train Karen medics in trauma and emergency surgery—with 2 duffel bags full of medical supplies from Hands of Hope NW. With a team of Boise doctors, in partnership with Community Partners International, he taught up to 40 Karen medics in a 2-week training on how to provide urgent care to those injured by gunfire and land mines in Myanmar’s conflict-ridden Karen State. These doctors have trained over 1,000 medics in 19 years. Watch a video clip of Dr. Chuck.

FullSizeRenderDr. Chuck is showing a documentary on the plight of the Karen, called The Black Zone. The film will show on May 4th 7PM at The Flicks (646 Fulton St., Boise).

The film is suitable for teens and adults. Learn more and watch the trailer$15 tickets are available at The Flicks or from charleswashington3@gmail.com.


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