June 2014 Highlights: Malawi / Guinea

Namikango Maternity Clinic
Namikango Maternity Clinic, Malawi

Two back-to-back shipments (May 29 and June 6) created a buzz of excitement in the Ministry Center. One container is headed to Namikanga Maternity Clinic, Malawi, the other to three clinics in Guinea, making a total of 92 shipments to 31 countries since the ministry’s inception in 1992!  The shipments are valued at $532,604, weighed 34,035 pounds and contained 526 pieces of equipment and 1,624 boxes of supplies!

The Namikango Maternity Clinic reaches over 51,721 people. The center helps deliver up to 95 babies a month, and in 2011 provided maternal health care for 1,626 pregnant women. The shipment is a response to Malawi’s critical shortage of supplies that affected Namikango’s healthcare programs. We support this clinic’s efforts to share the Gospel with the women who receive weekly Bible studies – a rare opportunity for them.

Blema, Guinea shipment
Blema, Guinea shipment

Blema, a refugee from Guinea, hasn’t forgotten his countrymen. He and his friends raised the money to send a shipment of medical supplies and equipment to three clinics in his country.

Channel 6 and Channel 9 News covered one of these loading events. It was inspiring to watch forklift trucks move pallets, while volunteers loaded hospital beds, crutches, and wheelchairs into the 40-foot containers.

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