Sierra Leone Masks Arrive

Magbenteh Community Hospital

Dr. ABD (Daniel Sesay)
Dr. ABD (Daniel Sesay)

This August shipment contained 17,280 N95 masks, 1325 surgical gloves, and 21 hooded coveralls.

Unloading Masks to fight Ebola


Thank-you letter from Dr. abd

My dear friends,
I am very delighted to inform you the long awaited container arrived today at the Magbenteh Community Hospital in Makeni. As you can see in the clip we are full of joy and happiness as we can now work safely. On behalf of SSLDF and the people of Sierra Leone, I will like to express our sincere appreciations and profound gratitude for such a generous donation. We shall ever remain to be grateful. Wishing you all Gods blessings and prosperity in all your undertakings. With love, Dr. Abd.

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