November Newsletter Highlights

Haitian Mission Trip

Report on Mission Trip to Haiti

Dr. Frederick Martin led a medical team to Haiti in September and took along supplies from Hands of Hope NW. He reports, “With the supplies provided we were able to perform surgery on a young woman with a large mass that caused her to appear disfigured. She was embarrassed to go out because of the way she looked. She was so pleased after the procedure to see herself looking normal.”

B. Edgar Johnson Memorial Dinner

B. Edgar Johnson Fan Club
B. Edgar Johnson Fan Club

When I grow up I want to be like B. Edgar became the theme for the evening. We were celebrating the life of Dr. B. Edgar Johnson at our kickoff dinner for the Endowment Fund that bears his name. Many fondly remembered his servant’s heart and his efforts to organize and lead so many groups in our community and nationally.

If you’ve seen our Distribution Center in the past few years, you know how crowded it gets when we go more than a month without sending out an international shipment. We have plans and property to build a larger facility, but we cannot proceed with these plans until we can regularly meet our monthly obligations. As you can see by the budget on the right, we fell behind again in October.

The establishment of an endowment fund will allow us to place donations in a restricted fund managed by the Christian Network Foundation. A portion of the income from the fund will be released each year to help with expenses, and will provide donors with a way to continue giving in perpetuity. Typical donations include property, stocks, and even farm products, which provide tax benefits for the donor.

Christian Network Foundation has many large clients, such as the Jesus Film and the Church of the Nazarene, and manages $69 million. Please remember the endowment fund and the general fund in your year-end giving.

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