Medical Mission News January 2015

Wings of the Eagle, Mexico

Wings of the Eagle, a ministry headquartered in Nampa, supports a clinic near Ensenada, Mexico. Hands of Hope NW provides medical supplies as we are able to. We received this report from Pastors Frank and Detra:

We had a great clinic today. We started at 9am and the doctor saw the last patient at 3. We prayed for each patient today as we felt led to do so and are mixing our faith with the medications given.”

Medical missions opens the door to sharing the gospel. Patients receive not only physical healing, but spiritual as well.

Dominican Republic

Earlier this year you were extremely kind and helpful in providing our medical mission to the Dominican Republic with supplies. We could not have served the over 700 people we contacted without your generosity. Specifically, we gave two local Dominican doctors supplies they said they would not otherwise have had and were overjoyed. You provide a most wonderful service and we thank you.”

Jared Papa, Medical Mission Coordinator

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