Guatemala: Volcanic Eruption Relief Shipment

Alex Gálvez of Transitions Foundation, Antigua, Guatemala, sent this report about the HoHNW humanitarian relief shipment of medical equipment, supplies, and clothing after a volcanic eruption killed, hurt, and displaced villagers in its path.

"Our container arrived September 4th at 1:00 am at Transiciones in La Antigua. We unloaded it with the help of our staff members, we were so happy to finally have it at our door. We want to inform you that we are now in the process of organizing it to start delivering the goods to the different hospitals affected by the Volcanic emergency. Transiciones is preparing a group of wheelchairs and crutches to send to the people affected by the volcanic eruption with the help of the NGO's coordinating the emergency. I am attaching a group of pictures of the unloading of the container, organizing the goods in our warehouse and a few pictures of the fire department receiving some rescue equipment from our shipment. Transiciones thanks you once again for supporting us with our container. God bless you for supporting the population with disabilities in this state of emergency in Guatemala."

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