Guatemala Report

We recently received a report from Alexander Galvez who is Executive Director of Transitions Foundation, Guatemala. We are scheduled to send another shipment to Alexander on Monday, November 25th.

“Praise Jesus, I was in a rural area in the last three days delivering wheelchairs. It was an amazing experience, met new souls and touch people that I think needs our help. I know that with you support of this shipment with mobility aid we will be able to get to those in most need. Muchas gracias for your big help. I can not thank you enough, God will bless you even more for what you do for all of us. Enjoy pictures of our recent trip to Nebaj, an ethnic group Ixil from northern Guatemala, Mexico and Aguacatan, the majority of the population is indigenous (Aguacatecos, Ahalchitecos, Quiches, Mames and Kanjobales).” Alex Gálvez.

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