Director’s Year in Review

Debbie Wheeler Lighter
Debbie Wheeler

2015 has come to a close. As we look back over the year, we are thankful that so many people were helped through this ministry.

Locally more than 1,000 families received the medical equipment they needed to bathe and move around safely. Loans of medical equipment have remained steady with 900 pieces of equipment out at any time.

Mar -Terry Reilly (2)
Terry Reilly exam tables

Terry Reilly Health Services, Wellness Tree, and other local clinics received equipment for their new buildings.

Wellness Tree Dental Clinic
Wellness Tree Dental Clinic

Not counting our 6 large overseas shipments in 2015, another 100 entities got the supplies and equipment they needed, through small shipments, mission trips, and deliveries to local ministries, schools, and medical professionals. This is an increase of 25 since the 75 we helped in 2014.

Dec - Peru 2 (2)
Peruvian lady in wheelchair

Internationally, it is hard to count the number of people who are impacted by a clinic or hospital that has medical equipment and supplies, but it is in the tens of thousands. People’s lives are being saved and they are able to once again leave their homes with wheelchairs and walkers sent because you cared. We pray you will be blessed as you have blessed others!

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