Christian Leprosy Hospital, Myanmar

We received a note from a local man who took medical supplies from HoHNW to Myanmar, from where he fled persecution years ago. Lerlah Pe helps the Christian Leprosy Hospital there in honor of his father who was a leper. He says:

“Lepers are outcasts of society and they are forgotten people too. I myself forgot to help them for more than 50 years. Now I doing what I could to help them especially I would like them to be saved. They have a dead body but I want them have a saved soul. On behalf of the patients, patients’ family members, all hospital staffs, my family members and I would like to say THANK YOU. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.”

If, like Lerlah Pe, you want to honor someone special, click the donate button, select Christmas in Honor fund and supply their contact details in the comment. We will send them a Christmas card on your behalf and let them know of your donation in their name.


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