10th Moldova Shipment

loading-fork-4This was our tenth shipment to Moldova, which is one of the poorest countries in the former Soviet Union. Our partner in Moldova, Hope and Mercy Charity, assists nursing homes, hospitals, and orphans. They have a unique program to help orphans. Children are taken from the terrible conditions in government-run orphanages and placed in Christian homes. Then Hope and Mercy assists the foster parents with clothing, school supplies, and housing. Fifty-eight wheelchairs and fifty-two walkers will go to the nursing homes and homes for the elderly. Our shipment also included fifty pairs of The Shoe that Grows, donated by Because International.

The Church of the Nazarene donated 216 boxes of 6 Crisis Care Kits each that will be such a blessing in this impoverished country. That totals 1,296 people helped by the kits!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this shipment happen! Click link to watch the shipment video.

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