Ultrasound Machine—Huge Gift to Eastern Ukraine

Dec - Ultrasound machine (3)We’re excited about our next shipment to Ukraine. We often get requests for an ultrasound machine from various medical personnel who receive our shipments. Unfortunately, we don’t always have one, so we are happy that we have a great one for this shipment. The doctor requesting the equipment said,

There are 12 district hospitals in the Luhansk region and not one of them has a working ultrasound machine. So we need for these hospitals as many ultrasounds as it is possible to find. It would be the best if we can get a universal ultrasound machine with different probes, because this machine will be used for many people with different diseases. As you can see, they just have no other opportunities with ultrasound testing.”

Luhansk is the easternmost oblast (state) of Ukraine with a population of 2,256,551.

This shipment is the first to use some of the matching funds from the Thomas Foundation, and will include this ultrasound machine, donated by St. Alphonsus Medical Center.


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