Ukraine Shipment on its Way

Thanks to all the men who loaded the container on May 20! Our partner on this shipment is Ukrainian American Operation Humanity which coordinates, arranges, and funds the transportation of humanitarian assistance items to the most vulnerable people of Ukraine, especially those suffering from the devastating effects of the ongoing conflict with Russia. There are many Christians in Ukraine, and we are glad that we can send them aid as they strive to remain free to worship as they want. View more about this story on our main page video “Find out what’s happening.”

The shipment was valued at $222,963. We want you to know that your gifts are multiplied 15 to 20 times with these shipments and other gifts to local organizations. For every $100 donated, we give away at least $1,500 of medical equipment and supplies. Hands of Hope NW strives to be a good steward of your investment in people’s lives. Please consider supporting us on a monthly basis.

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