Shipment Arrives in Israel for Syrians

Our first shipment to Israel arrived safely and was taken box by box into Syria. Micah Smith traveled to be there when the container arrived and gave us this report:

“Nancy and I traveled at dusk, then under the cover of darkness to the border where the supplies are transferred one item at a time to a waiting truck. The work is done in darkness because of the constant threat of snipers, and the items are carried individually by the Syrian rebels across a short buffer zone to prevent any vehicles that might be armed with high explosives from getting too close to the delivery team.

Each night, when this operation takes place, approximately fifty critically wounded are brought on Israel’s side of the border, then taken to hospitals, while medical supplies, coats, baby formula and diesel are transferred to the Syrian side, where they are dispensed at field clinics. This is a humanitarian disaster that is exacting a price on innocent children and families of noncombatants. Israel is allowing 30-50 Syrian
children to come in for treatment every week. The average wage in Syria is $40 a month and clean water costs $20 a month! The hospitals that have not been bombed are severely lacking in equipment and supplies.”

You are invited to our Tea for Hope at the Chateau fundraising event on Saturday, April 28th from noon-2pm to hear Micah's first-hand account of how we are helping Syrians caught up in civil war. Tickets make a great Mothers' Day gift, knowing that your purchase will help more people in the Middle East with a second medical shipment to Israel.

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