PNG, South Sudan, Boise Home blessed by HOHNW

Feb - loading PNG container
Volunteers loading PNG container

After a month of very little going out the door, the first week of February was incredibly busy! First we sent a pallet of supplies that is headed to a clinic in South Sudan. The same day our truck delivered twenty-five mattresses and ninety-three boxes of blankets to the Good Samaritan Home in Boise. This home provides housing to seniors, veterans, and adults with disabilities who are on low, fixed incomes.

It was a very cold morning the next day  when twelve men loaded a 20’ container bound for the Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea. Even though the hospital could only take a 20’ instead of our usual 40’ container, the contents are worth $242,000! The hospital is running very low on supplies. Please pray that this container will get there quickly and will go through customs without incident.

The following was posted on their website in December: “Currently we are out of exam gloves, gauze, morphine, and several antibiotics…but still doing surgery…and we are still one of the best equipped/staffed places in the country! How would you like to have a surgery with no post-op morphine? How does a doctor do a repair of a stab wound gushing blood in the Emergency Room with no gauze, just wiping with cotton balls?” – Kudjip Nazarene Hospital


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    • We are so grateful to the folks at Hands of Hope for sending Nazarene Hospital a 20 foot container of medical supplies! They will be a blessing to us as we treat the many people who come for medical care at our hospital!

      Judy Bennett

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