Philippine Shipment Finally Reaches Clinics

After six weeks on the ocean and another six weeks in customs, we are thrilled that our shipment was finally unloaded at Shalom Birthing Clinic and Rapha Clinic. Both of these clinics provide low cost medical care in a wonderful Christian environment. Shalom Birthing Clinic holds parenting classes and Bible studies, ministering to the whole family.

“There is SO much wonderful stuff in there I hardly know where to start! Less than a week before the container arrived, we had a 3lb 8oz preemie born at Shalom. The day after the container arrived, we quickly put the comfy OB bed up in our private room, along with one of the recliner chairs so mom can sleep better and settle in for the long haul as we help the baby grow. Such a wonderful blessing. Thank you again for all your work to get this container to us… we are so very blessed and grateful! Please extend our thanks to all of the Hands of Hope staff and volunteers as well. 

Joyfully, Pami Ellis”

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and Hands of Hope NW for all the supplies you sent for the ministry of Rapha, Philippines.

Alina Voda”