October Director’s Note

Fall has finally made its way to the Treasure Valley. Each spring I look forward to working in my yard with great excitement. Then in the fall I have the same amount of excitement knowing that I get a break from all the work a yard takes. Now my energies will turn away from golf to hunting and finding projects to do inside my home.

Through your generous donations we have ordered three new computers and ordered the batteries for the forklift. Saying thank you does not explain how grateful we are to your faithfulness to our mission.

We are now looking for quotes for a financial audit. Our last audit was in 2012. Having a current audit on file will open the door for us to apply for more grants. We are in the process of writing a grant that will help fund a Development Director. As we continue to grow, this position is important to help raise funds and make others aware of what we do. Please be in prayer as we work through this grant process.

Todd Durbin

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We Value Your Support! Your faithful gifts allow us to continue serving others. Thank you!

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