Mission Trip to Dominican Republic

The following is a report from PA students from Idaho State University:

“We would like to express our appreciation for your kindness in donating medical supplies that enabled us to provide free medical care to the people of the Dominican Republic. We were there from January 31st to February 10th for a 10-day medical humanitarian visit. It was a great success!

While in the Dominican Republic, we worked alongside a group of American dental providers to hold free medical, vision, and dental clinics for the Dominican people in numerous areas around the country. We had the assistance of a native Dominican dentist, local politicians, and a Catholic priest, all of whom helped us determine the location and logistics of our clinic each day.

Clinic days were extremely busy with hundreds of people waiting in lines to be cared for.  Using the supplies you donated, we were able to address the medical needs of hundreds of people who otherwise would go without. Our medical team consisted of two physicians, three physician assistants, a pharmacist, a Spanish professor, six 2nd-year physician assistant students, a nurse, and 3 high school students. One of the high school students completed his Eagle Scout project: distributing first aid kits he had put together from yours and other community donations.

Please know your act of kindness has gone a long way in improving the health and welfare of others on the island of the Dominican Republic. One such example, among hundreds, was a 60-year-old woman with a diabetic foot ulcer. Thanks to your donated supplies, we were able to provide her the necessary treatments in an effort to help her wound heal.

Once again, thank you for your generosity! You have truly changed the lives of so many in need. We certainly would welcome your continued support in the future.“

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