Medical Help: Nicaragua / Kenya / Moldova

Medical Mission to Nicaragua
Medical Mission to Nicaragua

Medical Team to Nicaragua

We received a thank-you note from a medical team that took supplies to Nicaragua.

I just wanted to touch base and say thank you again for the donations from Hands of Hope, Northwest. In 6 days, we were able to serve over 550 people with medical services. Attached are some photos from our recent medical trip, to Piedre Quemada, Nicaragua, using some of the items donated from Hands of Hope! Thank you for assisting us in blessing the village there! Blessings”

Crystal Taylor


Supplies to Kenya

Vincent Kituku took supplies on his recent trip to Kenya. He said the girls had tears in their eyes as they walked away with their bag of feminine products. They were so happy not only to get them, but to think that someone in the US cared enough to send them. This will allow them to attend school every day of the month.

Wheelchairs to Moldova

I have a request for a wheel chair for a child with hydrocephalus. His name is Maxim Osadchii, aged 11, weight 110 pounds, bed-ridden. His father deserted the family when he was born and he is raised by the mother. She is struggling financially and has pleaded for help. The family lives in a type of a hostel with the shared kitchen and a small room. If you would, could you ask around for the chair. I have attached a couple of his pictures and the links for the device. This will be a tremendous blessing to the boy and the mother. Thank you so much!” Mark F.

We sent five specialized wheelchairs and thirty-two regular wheelchairs to Moldova. What a privilege to be able to make a difference in the lives of Maxim and his mother.



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