Letter from Dr. Abd, Sierra Leone

Dr. Abd with protective gear. More to come.
More protective gear on its way to         Dr. Abd in Sierra Leone.

Dear Debbie,

I write to express my sincere appreciations and profound gratitudes for the wire and the donation you have provided for our work [two pallets of masks, a shipment to arrive in January, and $1,500 towards distribution fees]. I shall ever remain to be grateful. I just want to assure you many people will be blessed and our work load lighten. I very much appreciate the money you sent, the rest I will battle it out as I still need about the same amount of money to cover the entire cost [another $1,500].

Yesterday I was in a remote community of over 150 houses with the most recent out brake of Ebola. Already 11 people have died. The whole village is now quarantine. It all started through a 22 year old mother of two who escaped a quarantine home to seek refuge to her parents. On her arrival her parents kept her secret, during the day they go to the bush camp and come to town during the night. The sick child she had was treated by traditional healer and after two days the child died. Secretively they washed the body and buried the diseased during the night. After 10 days 6 people got sick , they all died , as of now 11 have died and many more in the treatment center. Interestingly, her two kids have died, but she is well, without no symptoms. special immunity. We are in a very serious crisis, dealing with the virus and the attitudes of our people which is only precipitating the spread. I am very thankful for all what you have done for us and its my desire we build on these relationship for further cooperation in rendering help to the needy.

I will collect the money from the bank soon and I will inform you on the progress of things. Once again thank you immensely for all what you have done for us.

Have a blessed day. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

With love,


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