Idaho PPE Drive Testimonials


The March 28 Idaho PPE Drive was spearheaded by Gina Gorden, an RN, who identified the need for Personal Protective Equipment for Idaho healthcare providers as coronavirus cases began to impact Idaho. In just 6 days, Gina garnered support from the medical community, Senator Cheri Buckner-Webb, former Senator Maryanne Jordan, House of Representatives hopeful Chris Mathias, and Todd Durbin, HoHNW Executive Director to host a PPE drive. Gina tells a vivid story of how the event unfolded.

"Traffic was steady all day with donations big and small. The pace was perfect, allowing Todd, his business manager and her husband and 2 daughters to do the bulk of boxing, organizing and sorting all the items. The team had a great time greeting the drive thru lanes and collecting supplies. Another group was on-call in case we needed additional hands. And we knew those that couldn't be there were rooting for us from home! Kids wrote notes of support that were attached to glove boxes, a lovely elderly woman made homemade cookies and a couple looped back around to bring us donuts in show of support. We had small businesses, entire families, med students, artisans, moms of kids who had gone through cancer treatments and all around lovely citizens of the valley...everyone expressed their gratitude and encouragement for what we had pulled together. We did this all while maintaining social distancing as best we could and keeping mask/glove/hand sanitizing precautions in place to keep everyone safe. We filled the entire Hands of Hope NW box truck with supplies."

The following testimonials are from a few of the 40+ businesses that donated PPE items from their own supplies. Hands of Hope NW thanks them for their gifts.

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Lake Harbor Dental donates PPE items.

We have been closed for a couple of weeks now, besides emergency care, and so the gear that we would normally use to protect ourselves and patients is just sitting on shelves. As much as we would love to get back to work, that likely won’t be a reality until the curve flattens. So Lake Harbor Dental decided to help how we could. Our state dental association shared the news of need and we decided to help. Thanks Hands of Hope Northwest Inc. for organizing the donation effort and for getting the PPE to where it is most needed on the front lines for Covid 19 testing and treatment.

Saltzer Health receives a pallet of PPE items.

We are so grateful to Hands of Hope Northwest Inc. for their donation of personal protective equipment (PPE). This gift will help to keep our clinical team safe! Hands of Hope NW provided gloves in various sizes, several cases of procedure masks, N-95 masks, surgical gowns and face shields. Saltzer Health has a longtime partnership with Hands of Hope Northwest, a Nampa-based non-profit that collects medical equipment for distribution to hospitals and clinics in developing countries. We are so excited to receive such a generous gift from Hands of Hope Northwest Inc. Our entire team thanks you!!!!

Todd Durbin receiving PPE from Expansion International.

Here is our director, Lauren Phillips, taking all of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Idaho PPE Drive. Thank you Hands of Hope Northwest Inc. for coordinating this drive to collect supplies for our amazing medical community.

Tristan Galloway, DDS

Dr. G gathering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to donate to local hospitals. Thanks to Hands of Hope Northwest Inc. for coordinating this effort!

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