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The Personal Protective Equipment Drive on March 28th beat all expectations, thanks to the tremendous response from businesses, families, and individuals who took time to give back to their community. Gina Gorden, the RN who saw the need and made it happen, says it best!

"What an awesome day! Kids wrote notes of support that were attached to boxes of gloves, a lovely elderly woman made homemade cookies and a couple looped back around to bring us donuts in show of support. We had local businesses, entire families, med students, artisans, moms of kids who had gone through cancer treatments and all around lovely citizens of the valley that donated today. We filled an entire box truck with pallets of supplies.

We had 41 businesses that were involved in donating supplies today. For some you could see the sadness in their eyes that they were currently closed. However, for many I think it gave them a sense of purpose and feeling that even if they weren't helping their own patients/clients, their efforts were going to help someone. Thank you to the Treasure Valley community for stepping up to help protect your local healthcare providers!"

Hands of Hope NW thanks all those who organized, promoted, volunteered, and donated. Special shout-out to over 40 businesses that gave PPE items.

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