Guatemalan girl receives help

Guatemalan girlLast year we sent our third shipment to Transitions Foundation of Guatemala. This group works with Guatemalans who are living with disabilities. Included in the shipment were 52 wheelchairs, 70 walkers, and 90 pairs of crutches. This letter from Sophia’s mother is just one example of the people who were blessed by our organizations and donors working together.

Hi my name is Amarilis and I am Sofia´s mother. Sofia is 12 years old. She was born early, and my husband and I found out that our little girl had Spina Bifida before she was born. I got a note from the hospital that allowed me have the abortion. The doctor told me that I was young and I could have more healthy children, that I didn´t need to bring another child with disabilities. I didn´t accept this. Instead I went to a private hospital to have the rest of my medical control. She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, spina bifida, and baro equinus. She had a valve placed in her head. She was connected to an artificial breathing machine because of lung problems she had.

When she was 21 days old she had an emergency surgery, her Spina Bifida opened. Soon we are able to take her home and she had a normal life. She had another surgery when she was one year old to correct her club feet. She had five surgeries, which helped her health a lot.

Now she is twelve years old. She can walk with the help of AFO leg braces, and uses a wheelchair to travel longer distances and to play. Sofia is in 5th grade and is very happy. Our daughter is an example of light to our community despite her trouble to mobilize. We are very happy to have Transitions help Sofia with her braces and her wheelchair.”

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