February Director’s Note: Crutches for Amputees

Feb - State HouseI recently had the opportunity to represent HOHNW on Faith Impact Day at the Idaho Statehouse.

We have heard so many amazing stories lately. Dmitry’s story just breaks my heart. I was also amazed to learn about a ministry called Pursuit of Hope. We sent five pairs of crutches with arm cuffs to them this month. They take the crutches to Haiti for soccer athletes who are missing a leg.  If you would like to see the astonishing trailer of their documentary about young men playing soccer on crutches, click here.  I am constantly awed by the fact that we can impact the daily lives of people thousands of miles from here, even though we live in a small town in Idaho. It must be a God thing!

Seeking Speaking Engagements

So many people in our area still don’t know about the exciting things happening here at Hands of Hope NW. When they come in to borrow equipment they tell us, “I didn’t know about you.” Fortunately, a friend or medical professional told them they could get help here. Would you help us get the word out? Invite us to speak at your church, Sunday School class, civic group, or other organization. Call (208) 461-1473 to schedule a time.

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