Dmitry’s Special Wheelchair

Feb - Dmitry in wheelchair - MoldovaWe recently received this report from Moldova about the shipment we sent last year. Mark wrote, “I was approached by a local family asking for help. Their son by the name of Dmitry, aged 27, was severely beaten up by hooligans, dragged to a garbage pile, covered by litter and left to die. By a sheer accident he was found the next morning by a passerby. Unconscious, he was taken to a local  hospital. Though they saved his life, the doctors could not bring him back to his feet. Dmitry was totally immobilized. The family had no funds to buy what he needed: functional bed, wheelchair, etc. and they approached me. At least in the comfort of these medical means he can function and relieve the family of hardships to look after him. The family was saying we helped them the way nobody helped. Thank you for your part in that.”

This specialized wheelchair was in the shipment we sent. Please pray for Dmitry and his family.


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