A Helping Hand in Ukraine’s Time of Need

June 21, 2023: In these dark and challenging times, we are a shining light to the people of Ukraine as they face the devastating consequences of the ongoing war. The volunteers here at Hands of Hope Northwest have been working tirelessly to provide vital support and aid to those affected by the conflict through sorting the needed supplies ensuring quality.

? Witnessing the immense suffering and loss, our organization has helped send over $3.5 million worth of crucial medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine. Through 40′ containers and assisting dedicated mission trips, we have strived to alleviate the pain and restore a glimmer of hope.
? These desperately needed supplies are reaching hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities in the most affected areas. Our aim is to provide relief to the courageous healthcare professionals who continue to work under unimaginable conditions and to offer comfort to the countless patients caught in the crossfire.

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