2016 Director’s Summary

debbie-outdoors-2We closed out 2016 with grateful hearts for all that this ministry was able to do with your help. It is hard to believe, but more than $2.9 million of medical equipment and supplies came in from donors and soon went right back out again to those who needed it. In the meantime, it was all cleaned, checked, and inventoried by our hard-working volunteers. Our network of ministries asking us for help has continued to grow, making it possible to send a shipment out nearly every month. Right now we have commitments to send four more container shipments!

None of this is possible without the commitment of you, our donors, churches, and volunteers!

We need more churches of all denominations to partner with us to help others. Is your church interested in helping local and foreign missions? Call us at (208) 461-1473 to schedule an onsite visit and tour.

I hope you feel as blessed to be a part of this exciting ministry as I do. May the Lord bless you in 2017.

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Since 1992: 112 full shipments to 34 countries, 69 countries helped overall.

Here is a summary of the ministry for 2016:

  • 10 large containers to 6 countries, worth $2,198,661, saving 86 tons from landfills. (Ghana, Nigeria (2), Moldova, Ukraine (4), Rwanda, Papua New Guinea)
  • 5 small shipments to 5 countries, worth $51,996. saving 5 tons from landfills (Djibouti, South Sudan, Liberia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea)
  • 18 mission trips to over 9 countries, including Bangladesh as a new country, worth $17,263
  • Gifts to US organizations were worth $61,450
  • Gifts to individuals were worth $21,850
  • The Medical Equipment Loan program value was $593,309


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