Ukraine Shipment on its Way

Nov - Ukraine men with wheelchair (2)We just received a report from Ukrainian American Operation Humanity, the group we sent a shipment to in May. It is always great to hear the stories of those who received the medical equipment that we sent.

Nov - Ukraine Vitaliy (2)Vitaliy has been disabled all his life. We are happy to help Vitaliy who has been requesting and waiting in line to receive a wheelchair for 3 years. He hasn’t been able to do simple functions like go outside or move throughout his house without an assistance. We got a lot of pleasure communicating with him as he is pretty smart and sociable. Oleg A. Dubin Augustow,  the deputy of Augustow village council contact our organization ‘Fund Way of Unity’ with a long list of disabled people residing in his region. Most of the applications with request for simple medical supply has been unanswered for years. We have been trying to spread your kindness throughout the most vulnerable people of Ukraine. Happy faces told the story when we went door to door, and were able to deliver wheelchairs and crutches.”Nov - Ukraine woman with crutches (2)

Nov - Ukraine children's hospital (2)Some of the equipment was given to a Children’s Hospital that cares for orphans. Many of the children have terminal diseases and are not expected to live. The hospital did not allow pictures to be taken inside, but UAOH reports, “hospital administration and children in need thanks you for allowing us this opportunity to help them. A big thank you for your devoted work.“

We hope to send this organization another shipment soon. Please pray with us that the details can be worked out so that more lives can be changed.

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