Helping street children at Djibouti Clinic

May - Caritas ClinicA few weeks ago we got an email that went to all the Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare (TECH) members. Scott Karstenson asked if anyone had an otoscope/ophthalmoscope that they could donate or sell reasonably for the Caritas Clinic in Djibouti. TECH members donate equipment to each other with the recipient just having to pay postage. We had several that had been checked and carefully wrapped in disposable drapes to prevent breakage. We responded and here is Scott’s report:

“The ‘scope arrived yesterday and we needed it today! Thank you for your quick and generous blessing. We even cut up the drapes and used them for our tables as covers during those wetter dressing changes. All the specula and lights will take care of us for a long time. Blessings.” – Scott and Sharon Karstenson

The Caritas Clinic ministers to street children, the poor, and the abandoned on the streets of the city. Approximately 250 children come to the compound daily for safety, clothes, a haircut, a meal, a wash, a nap, schooling and for health care.

We are so glad that our association with TECH puts us in contact with other ministries that are working on the front lines around the world!


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