September 2016 Director’s Note

staff-photo-collage-newI am so thankful that the Lord’s Hand is on this ministry. We see His direction and connections happening all the time. Often we tell people that we don’t have the thing they need, only to have someone bring in the very item a few days later. Another local charity, Love INC of Treasure Valley, brought in two pallets of diapers, not knowing that we needed them for a shipment. Please continue to pray as we look forward to a great future!

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Ministry Prayer Pointers

– Pray for the 2 Ukraine shipments on the ocean and 1 shipped on 9/20.

– Pray for beds to complete a shipment to an Egyptian hospital.

– Praise for financial blessings.

– Pray for the board and staff, especially for Todd after the loss of his mother, Robbie Durbin.

– Pray for us to know when to start a capital campaign for a larger warehouse to help more people. We already own the land. We need the funds for building and parking.

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