School Supplies for Haitian Children’s Ministry

Aug - Orphan girlHere at Hands of Hope Northwest  we are constantly amazed at how the Lord orchestrates what is donated to us. So many times people ask for something for their ministry and we have to tell them, “That is something that is never donated to us or that we don’t collect.” Often we have to eat our words a few days later, though, when here comes just what they need!

Martin Flaherty, youth pastor at Deer Flat Church, asked for supplies for the youth group to take on a mission trip to a children’s ministry in Haiti. Besides medical supplies, he asked for school supplies. We told him we couldn’t help with that as we only collect medical supplies. The following week we found out that a Nazarene children’s camp in Arizona had made it their project to collect school supplies and they were already on their way to us! We got permission to pass them on to the children of Haiti and the missionaries at Maranatha Children’s Ministry are so thrilled!

Aug - Byron and Shelley TlucekAug - Maranatha Children's MinistryHere is part of their email:
“We are so grateful for the school supplies, and once again are shocked at how God provides for us in ways we never could have imagined!” — Byron and Shelley Tlucek (missionaries from Melba, Idaho)

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