Peru Shipment Arrives

Dec - Peru 2In July we sent a partial shipment worth $48,100 to Peru. There were lots of walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. Stephanie Cooke reports,Dec - Peru 3

 “We transported it to our orphanage in Chivay and took some canes, walkers and wheelchairs for use both at our medical center at the orphanage in Chivay and also in the surrounding villages. We visited Chalhuaca, Tutti, Sibayo and Lari, spending a full day in each place, and when we identified mostly older patients that needed help walking or getting around, we were able to provide them with the tools to help them. Most of the time the only way they express their gratitude is with tears.
They are such emotional people and truly grateful for the care they receive. Dec - Peru 1The youth wheelchair was given to a mother with a four-year-old who had cerebral palsy. She had been carrying him herself since birth. It was so fun to be able to offer her another way to carry her child with her that would not break her own back. The people we help are the Quechua Indians in the highlands of Peru

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