New Nigerian Hospital Equipped

Exam bed and truckThe Living Hope Christian Ministries website says: “Insect bites, injuries, and stomach flu shouldn’t result in death. Cataracts, hernias, and abscessed teeth should not incapacitate a life. But the sad reality is far too often they do.” Living Hope Christian Ministries of Dallas, Texas, has been sending short-term medical teams to Nigeria since 1989. They recently built a hospital to provide ongoing care because there is so little medical care available. Two operating suites are being furnished. This surgical table is on its way to the village of Eluama in Southeast Nigeria.

Surgeon Stephen Schmid, who made the request for this shipment, was thrilled to get this surgical table, lights, and much more. Now he won’t have to operate on a table that is too low and propped up on whatever they could find! Listen to him talking about the shipment and thanking us.

Since the church in Dallas also has supplies and equipment to send, they sent a truck here to pick up the contribution from Hands of Hope NW. Even though we didn’t fill a forty-foot container, it was still worth $107,566!


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