Medical Relief for Myanmar

 We received this encouraging report from Dr. Chuck Washington who just returned from his annual trip to Thailand. He takes our medical supplies to use in training there.

 “The 2019 Trauma and Emergency Management Program occurred during the last week of January and was hosted by the Karen Department of Health and Welfare. We trained 22 medics. Trainers came from Australia and the U.S. (Arizona, Idaho, and New Mexico). The training covered a wide range of medical and trauma topics. We discussed the many sick patients the medics cared for and how they put their skills to use. 

In a 6 month period in 2018, the medics took care of more than 154 major traumatic injuries. The medics took care of patients with strokes, bear bites, motor bike injuries, large abscesses, bamboo injuries, gun shot injuries, burns, animal attacks, falls, landmine injuries, seizures, and crush injuries. Unfortunately, over the last year the medics saw an increase in landmine injuries. The medics also cared for many patients with systemic infections and shock.

Multiple barriers prevent the medics from providing care, including inadequate facilities/supplies, difficulty with transportation, and inability for referral due to the high upfront costs at the referral facilities. Despite this, the medics strive to deliver the best care possible. While political change is happening in Myanmar, health needs in ethnic minority areas will continue for the foreseeable future. Thank you again for your support.”

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