South Sudan: Medical Mission

Nebulizer saves boy's life
Nebulizer saves boy’s life

 Hope For Every Nation Thank you Note

The medical donations you sent us last year finally made their way to South Sudan! It was a long 9 month trek. The civil war we had here stopped the goods at the border for many months, but last month they arrived along with our vehicles by a huge Antinov AN-72. The pediatric face masks you sent came in handy this week when a  10 month old boy came into our clinic in severe respiratory distress due to pneumonia. We are thankful for the gift of this pediatric face mask (along with quite a few other medical supplies) that we got from Hands of Hope Northwest Inc. via Dr. Tom Sanderson. He is a friend of mine who does a lot of medical missions, and put us in touch with you. We just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and Dr. Sanderson, who made this all possible.” Cathy Hoelzer.




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