July Director’s Note

We are finally getting back to normal. We waited six months to find the correct person to be our next Office Admin. I believe God has chosen the right person and we just needed to be patient—another reminder that God’s timing is perfect.

Speaking of timing, getting shipments out has been horrific! Ports around the world are opening and closing all the time. They close when there is no more storage available and open once they have room. Trying to schedule live loads and time the containers to arrive at the port in time to be loaded on to a ship is a tedious task. I’m glad that it’s not my responsibility to schedule all that. Our warehouse volunteers and loading crew have shown great patience as we rescheduled the Syria shipment 5 times over 20 days. Please keep our shipping partners in prayer that our containers make it to their destinations. 

Our 25th Anniversary will be celebrated on Thursday, October 14th. Look for more information as we continue to plan for this momentous celebration.

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