Ghana Clinic Shipment Fully Funded

May - Idaho Gives Day (2)Even though it was a rainy day and road construction made it difficult to get to us, our Idaho Gives Day BBQ was a big success. We served 90 hamburgers and hot dogs and raised $9,658 towards our $15,000 goal of sending a shipment of medical equipment and supplies to Annie’s Clinic in Ghana. That’s 64%! We still needed $5,342 to send a shipment to Africa when a donor who prefers to remain anonymous gave us the remaining contribution to make up the shortfall. Thanks to everyone who gave. This is a great opportunity to make a lasting difference in a community that lacks healthcare. Stay tuned for shipment date news.

May - Debbie with fundraising thermometer  May - Guys doing BBQ Idaho Gives Day  May - Idaho Gives Day eating in warehouse  Ghana Clinic Completed

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