Shipments for Ukraine

Loading 3 Containers of Medical Equipment & Supplies for Ukraine

Ukrainain Visitor

Roman Romanov visited our warehouse to look over the 3 containers we shipped to Ukraine on Friday October 14th. During the two-hour visit we had a conference call with a member of the Ukraine Parliament and discussed how Hands of Hope NW can continue to assists Ukrainians during their time of great need. Romanov expressed his gratitude, "Very, very, very useful for our people and it's really the very best support for Ukrainians in this very difficult time for all our citizens."

The value of the 3 containers is $933,000. Earlier this year we sent another shipment of medical supplies by air that was worth over $600,000. You can watch the "Thank you" video we received for that shipment.

Channel 2 News report and videos of the shipment and interview with Todd.

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