Diaper Roundup

Aug - diapers (2)We are preparing a shipment to Ukraine and they have requested disposable diapers of all sizes and under patient pads. They aren’t available in Ukraine, but they make life so much easier for the people who need them and those who take care of them.

Would you consider picking up a package the next time you go shopping and then dropping them off here? Thanks!

Jul - Ukrainian man (2)Please pray for the two shipments to Ukraine that are on the ocean now. This region of the world has suffered war and unrest for several years. Refugees from the
eastern part of the country are fleeing to other regions to escape the fighting. Christian organizations that are helping these refugees lack the life-changing resources they need to assist them. That’s where you can help by supporting our medical equipment and supplies ministry for people like this Ukrainian man who received a wheelchair and crutches earlier this year because you cared.

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