Dental Mission Trips

Mar - YWAM Ships dental help
YWAM Ships Dental Clinic in Papua New Guinea

Lately, we have had several requests for medical supplies to take on mission trips, including dental supplies that are often requested. Right now we have requests from a dentist who is going to Bangladesh and one who is going to the Philippines.

Dr Tyler Shaw and Willamette dental team came and staff WTCC
Wellness Tree Dental Clinic Staff

In the past, we have helped equip Wellness Tree Dental Clinic in Twin Falls and supplied YWAM Ships Kona for their dental outreach clinics in Papua New Guinea.

We would like to build more partnerships with local dentists and dental associations who would be willing to donate their used equipment and supplies to Hands of Hope NW. Next time you’ are getting your teeth cleaned, perhaps you’d let your dentist know about us—when you get a chance to speak!


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