Cupcakes building Ghana Clinic

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When Annie Gorman was 7 years old, she was diagnosed with a progressive and chronic bone disease that affects the joints. Complications include scoliosis, deteriorating joints, osteoporosis, stunted growth, and chronic pain.

Annie says, “If I had been born in a developing part of the world, it is likely I would have died a long time ago.” Her father, Dr. Joe Gorman, an NNU professor, taught at Africa Nazarene University in Kenya and has witnessed disability in other countries. Meeting kids with disabilities in Africa drove Joe to pray: “Help me to know how to help these kids. As tough as Annie has it, I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to be a disabled child living here. I’ve seen firsthand how people with disabilities in developing areas are truly the poorest of the poor.

Cupcake goodWhen Annie needed a senior project, she thought about the people she knew in Africa and wondered how she could help. Pastor Mills suggested she build a clinic in NE Ghana, a very remote area with no access to medical care for miles. To fund her project, Annie began baking cupcakes. Her business, called Anniekins’ Bakery, has raised more than $6,000 to purchase building materials, and another $24,000 has been donated.

Hands of Hope NW is working with Joe and Annie to send a container of medical equipment and supplies to Ghana. Can you help Annie reach her goal?

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