COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update (4/30/2020)

General public hours for drop-offs and pick-ups have been temporarily changed to:
11am-2pm, Mon-Fri

We hope you understand this is in the best interests of public health and safety.
To all our valued volunteers,

On March 16th I made the decision to close down our warehouse to volunteers.  46 days later I am happy to announce that we will be opening the warehouse to volunteers on a limited basis. The warehouse will be open to volunteers starting Tuesday May 5th. For now, we will be limiting the number of volunteers to 12 in the warehouse at one time to help ensure social distancing.  Currently we will not be placing volunteers at the front desk. Only come in if you are comfortable and in good health.

Temporary guidelines:

Maximum volunteers:

2 first sorters
6 packers
2 data entry
2 pallet builders

Masks and gloves will be available as you come in the back door. Limit people in the break area to 4 at a time and maintain social distancing with customers that may be in the office at the same time. Door between warehouse and office to stay open at all times. Sanitary wipes will be available to wipe down touch points as needed.

Please call me in the office if you have concerns or questions.

Todd Durbin
Executive Director

COVID-19 Update (3/30/2020)

To all our valued volunteers,

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”

I was hopeful that we would be welcoming our volunteers to return to work starting tomorrow. With the President’s announcement of 30 more days of social distancing we will keep the warehouse and office closed to volunteers indefinitely. You are our most valued asset!

From time to time, as the need arises, I will reach out to volunteers on a limited basis. If you are interested in being available, please call or email me. My goal is to keep us all safe while staying open for those in need.

I continue to pray for the safety of our volunteers and staff and that God’s will be done through our mission at Hands of Hope NW.

Hope to see you soon!

Todd Durbin
Executive Director
Hands of Hope Northwest

COVID-19 Update (3/16/2020)

To all our valued volunteers,

I have made the decision to close down our warehouse and office to volunteers starting today. The plan is to reopen the warehouse on Tuesday, March 31st.

For now, we will be sending out our truck to the usual pick up locations. Facilities Manager, Mark Pridgen, will be in contact with the drivers to schedule their time.

This was a tough decision to make, as I know the passion and love that each of you have for Hands of Hope NW. The staff and board are praying for you and hope to see you all on March 31st.

We will keep the office open for now with staff so we can serve those in need.  This may change as information is received from our Federal and State leaders.

We advise you to check these web sites for up-to-date information and to read and share these Government “Keeping Safe Guidelines” for home and the workplace:

Please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email if you have any questions about our operations in this time of uncertainty. Our faith will keep us strong!

Todd Durbin
Executive Director
Hands of Hope Northwest

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