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Medical support for 2 clinics in Rigby, Idaho

October 11, 2023: Earlier this year, we received a heartfelt request from the Community Council of Idaho, seeking assistance to kickstart two new clinics. Today, we’re excited to share a glimpse of the essential medical equipment and supplies we were able to send their way, thanks to the generous donors who made it all possible.

Medical Supplies Reach Ukraine

October 2, 2023: We are thrilled to share a heartwarming moment with you today. The medical supplies that YOU, our incredible donors, entrusted to us have reached Ukraine, providing essential support during these challenging times of conflict. This powerful image captures the gratitude and hope that your generosity has brought to the people of Ukraine. It’s a testament to the…

53′ Trailer En Route to Ukraine

August 18, 2023: Breaking News! Another 53′ Trailer of Lifesaving Medical Supplies & Equipment En Route to Ukraine! We’re thrilled to announce that our mission of healing and hope continues as another 53′ trailer loaded with essential medical supplies and equipment is en route to Ukraine! A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to every single volunteer and donor who has…

Upcoming Shipments

July 19, 2023: We’re thrilled to announce that Hands of Hope Northwest is preparing to send crucial medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine, Guatemala, and Papua New Guinea! Ukraine: We’re supporting healthcare facilities with life-saving medical supplies, ensuring access to essential resources for those in need during the current crisis. Guatemala: Partnered with @TransitionsFoundationofGuatemala, our mission is to provide medical…

Impacting Guatemalans for Good

July 5, 2023: Incredible Moments of Impact sent to us by Asociación Transiciones de Personas with Discapacidad de La Antigua Guatemala ! Join us in celebrating the success of mobile clinics in the highlands of Guatemala! We’re immensely grateful to all our supporters, including you, who have been instrumental in helping us fulfill the needs of the mission at Transiciones…

A Helping Hand in Ukraine’s Time of Need

June 21, 2023: In these dark and challenging times, we are a shining light to the people of Ukraine as they face the devastating consequences of the ongoing war. The volunteers here at Hands of Hope Northwest have been working tirelessly to provide vital support and aid to those affected by the conflict through sorting the needed supplies ensuring quality….